How to prolong the service life of aerosol filling machine

How to prolong the service life of aerosol filling machine? I believe that every aerosol filling machine customer is eager to solve this problem. For example, the service life of the filling machine will be reduced to eight years or less from ten years which is the original life because we can not maintain the machinery itself regularly or other reasons. It will bring enormous economic losses and inconvenience to our work. The next, I will let you know how to prolong the service life of the filling machine.
First of all, before we operate the filling machine, we should clearly understand the instructions of the filling machine and know intimately the commissioning and use of the filling machine. We must operate the filling machine strictly according to the instructions, pay attention to details.
Secondly, we should regularly repair and maintain the filling machine according to the instructions. The filling machine frame should be greased to prevent the filling machine from rusting. Good protection of the filling machine frame is also a way to prolong the service life of the filling machine.
Thirdly, we should also pay attention to the seal cleanliness, and avoid the corrosion caused by long time leaving the material to the inlet.
Fourthly, we should constantly check the machine to see if the machine is in good contact with each other, be sure to use electricity safely and prevent damage caused by incorrect use of electricity.
Fifthly, when the fault is found, we should turn off the power in time, press the stop button, lift the cover after gassing, then close the voltage, check the cause, and remove the fault.
Sixthly, in the process of using the filling machine, it is inevitable that there will be some small problems. When we have problems with the filling machine, we should not blindly think about it, we must find after-sales service to maintenance.

How To Prolong The Service Life Of Aerosol Filling Machine
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