Automatic Aerosol Can Weight Checker

Automatic aerosol can weight checker
Automatic aerosol weight checker adopts high stable, sensitive weighing sensor and signal acquisition instrument, using high-speed processing PLC, intuitive user-friendly interactive man-machine interface, careful design conveying mechanism. Automatic aerosol can weighing machine has the advantage of simple operation, good stability, fast response, high accuracy. Automatic aerosol can weight checking machine is best choice for online detecting finished product weight.

  • Technical parameter:

    Electric source(V) AC380
    Power (Kw) 0.8
    The max speed (times/min) 80
    The max detecting weight (g) 0.1
    Static deviation(g) 0
    Dynamic detection maximum deviation(g) ±1.0
    Air pressure (Mpa) 0.5


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