Automatic Hanging-Type Water Bath Leakage Detection Machine

Automatic hanging-type water bath leakage detection machine
Automatic aerosol can water bath leakage testing machine is used for detecting various aerosol cans, which is not limited by can materials, and can continuously detect the products completely. Pressure in cans rises because cans are soaked in hot water, and individual aerosol cans with poor pressure resistance will be leaked, deformed or burst, thus being removed.

  • Technical parameter:

    Capacity (Can/hr) 3000-4000
    Main drive head power(kw) 1.1
    Water heating power  (kw) 33
    Temperature control precision(°C) ±1
    Water tank volume (m3) 1.2
    Air pressure (Mpa) 0.3~0.6
    Max air consumption (m3/min) 0.6
    Control electric cabinet and heating tube explosion-proof type


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