Full Automatic Under-Cap Aerosol Filling Machine

Full automatic under-cap aerosol filling machine
Automatic under cap vacuum aerosol filling machine includes cans arrange machine, under-cap filler, valve feeding machine, conveyer belt, explosion proof motor, etc. Automatic refrigerant under cap aerosol filling machine can also be equipped with labeler, weighing machine, water bath leakage tester, etc. Automatic under cap aerosol filler is a kind of dedicated equipment which requires that products must be sealed immediately after filling from (non-core valve) covers in a vacuum state. This machine sets evacuation, fill and seal. It also can be used as capper.


  • Technical parameter:

    Applicable valve 1 inch(25.4mm)
    Filling volume(ml) 50~1000
    Filling accuracy(%) ≤±1
    Application can diameter (mm) 35~65
    Application can height (mm) 80~350
    Working pressure(Mpa) 0.6~0.8
    Max air consumption(m3/min) 1.5
    Capacity(Can/hr) 1000-1800


  • Application range:
    It is used for air conditioner refrigerant(F12、F22、134a), air conditioner lubricant oil and other products with non-core valve.

  • Features:

    1. It combined evacuation, fill and seal function.

    2. Adopts gas-electric combination design, microcomputer programmable control, photo-electric sensor.

    3. Special residual material recovery device can meet the high efficiency fill and environmental protection requirement.

    4. Fast speed, high efficiency, reliable working.

    5. The electric components adopt famous foreign brand.