Automatic Aerosol Tailless Valve Inserter

Automatic aerosol tailless valve inserter
Automatic tailless valve inserting machine is made of inclined plate arranging machine, distributing valve box and valve stabilizer. Inclined plate arranging machine will convey the valve with suction tube into slide and make the valve enter into distributing valve orderly. Then, the valve will be conveyed into the valve inserter tube by the compressed air. The automatic tailless valve placing machine which is connected with feeding valve tube and distributing valve box will be equipped on the liquid filling machine or gas filling machine.

  • Technical parameter:

    Capacity(Can/min) 40~60
    Air pressure(Mpa) 0.6~1
    Air consumption(m3/min) 0.8~1


  • Features:

    1. Adopts vibratory hopper to convey the valve. The cans height can be adjustable.

    2. Automatic valve placing, position checking.

    3. Automatic valve sorting, supplying to placing head.

    4. High efficiency, saving labor cost.