Automatic Vacuum Under Cap Aerosol Filling Machine

Automatic vacuum under cap aerosol filling machine
Automatic vacuum aerosol under cap filler functions evacuation, sealing and quantitative filling. Automatic refrigerant under cap aerosol filling machine is suitable for kinds of valves with or without core. The cans can be conveyed by star wheel which is driven by servo motor. Each filling head will be controlled by PLC program.

  • Technical parameter:

    Valve size 1inch(25.4mm)
    Capacity(cans/min) 30~35
    Filling volume(ml) 500~1000
    Air pressure (Mpa) 0.6~1
    Air consumption(m3/min) 0~1.5
    Servo motor(kw) 1


  • Features:

    1. Simple operation, good air tightness, accurate metering and very little material loss.

    2. High automation degree, convenient parameter adjustment, reliable and safe working.