• Technical parameter:
    Overall dimension1800mm*350mm
    Overall weight250kg
    MaterialCarbon steel with paint
    Working air pressure0.6MPa
    Maximum LPG pressure can hold2MPa
  • Gas deodorization system

    This equipment is designed under the theory of Sulfur absorption. The LPG odor components will be absorbed and trapped in the bed once it flows through the system. The equipment is composed of a standard 3-column linear connected with rigid seamless high pressure columns, on/off valves, safety valves, and mounted on a steady base. It is suitable for removing special strong smell from LPG.

    This machine is composed of three filtration columns. More columns can be added according to customer’s requirement. At the inlet and outlet of the equipment, there is a booster pump for gas pressure increase and transportation purpose.

    Three columns are filled with the molecular sieve to remove absorb the odor elements. 

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