Semi-automatic aerosol propellent filling machine

Semi-automatic aerosol propellent filling machine
The semi-automatic aerosol propellent filler is widely used for quantitatively filling various aerosol propellants such as Freon, propane and butane gas, dimethyl ether, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, compressed air ,134a etc.

  • Technical parameter :

    Filling volume(ml) 20-450
    Filling accuracy (%) ≤±1
    Applicable aerosol can height(mm) 70-330
    Capacity(Cans/hr) 1200-1500


  • Features:

    1. Easy operation, safe reliability, high accuracy, extensive application.

    2. This machine only need one operator which can save the workplace and labour costs.

    3. All the pneumatic valve all adopts domestic famous brand.

    4. This machine is an ideal choice for developing the new products in laboratory.