Semi-automatic Under Cap Aerosol Filling Machine

The semi-automatic under cap aerosol filling equipment sets evacuation, fill and seal. It is used for filling media such as F12, F22 and 134A, synthetic refrigerants, proportional valve air fresheners, outdoor liquefied gas cans, etc.

  • Technical parameter:

    The max volume (can be customized) (ml) 450
    Applicable valve 1 inch(25.4mm)
    Maximum loss(ml) ≤3
    Filling accuracy ≤±1
    Applicable aerosol can height(mm) 80-315
    Capacity(Cans/hr) 600~700


  • Features:

    1. Easy and convenient to operate, high in sealing air tightness and extremely low in material loss, and measures accurately. 

    2. Low investment, high return business.